Books on the Maori Culture

Our beautiful #NewZealand is gearing towards winter. Also, we have been fortunate to have everything under control while the world is hit by a global Pandemic.

We have always had our own way of life and living. We have had our own systems and our own #Tikanga. What contributed to this rich culture? Beautiful mountains, Glowing lakes and rivers and vast expanse of green trees along the ocean planted by mother nature herself. To summarize, our ways were developed because we live in Heaven!

Getting in touch with our roots, always gives us more grip into the future. Only if we have in-depth knowledge of our own land, can we have knowledge of how to dive into the other waters.

While we have time on our hands, lets make use of the time and learn about the wonders of our rich #MaoriCulture. Getting in touch with our roots, gives us the ability to branch out our branches in new lands. A personal recommendation for finding books on the #MaoriCulture is on #FishPond. #FishPond is a #NewZealand based company which has a large library of books and also has books on reasonable prices.


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