How to write a book?

Updated: Apr 27

5 Reasons why you must write - Does writing pay? If you are a beginning author or even an accomplished you must reflect on reasons as to 'why you are writing in the first' or if you are beginning as a writer, you must think about what inspired you to think about the idea in the first place. Writing is a gift. It’s embedded in each one of us. All we have to do is bring it out and let it shine. Just like many other arts, the artist needs discipline and effort to hone it.

Before you go to how to write a book, here are a few things to think about reasons for writing a book. If you don't have your own reasons yet, I am sure this article will give you one valid reason about why you must begin your writing journey.

1. There are stories everywhere

The Earth is full of two things- Water and Stories. Stories are all around us. In us, in our neighbour and in the people we meet. All we have to do, is find a listening ear and grab hold of a pen to write people’s stories. Once we do that, all you got to do, is edit it. Some people have stories with successes which need to be told, while some people have tears and aches. As #PauloCoelho says, “Tears are words that need to be written”.

2. We are all but, stories

A childhood story, teenage incident or a random experience in your own life, that might've changed your course of life, could be a potential story.

Anne Frank, the renowned author and inspirational figure of the holocaust, said

"I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn."

3. Sharing your expertise

Each one of us on this planet, is an expert in a field. In today’s world, we don’t need to be published authors or accomplished journalists. We only need to be experts in a subject matter. Writing gives a further impetus to this learning. Flannery O’connor said that she’d write to discover what she knew.” Might hold true for all every working professional.

4. Self realization

Writing can make you realize a great deal of stuff about you. Writing is self realization and also it brings you closer to your inner and truer self. Most accomplished people write diaries and keep logs. This not only helps in better introspection but also helps in self realization. History repeats itself, but when it does, will you be ready for it? Not if you haven’t recalled and rewritten it.

To sum up, Henry Miller says "Writing is its own reward." whether we you are a budding writer, a renowned journalist or a bestselling author. Although writing has it’s rewards, perks and benefits, getting those, is a matter of luck. But writing will give have it’s outcomes, fulfillment and satisfaction which will come to you if you write with you mind and heart.

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