Submitting your manuscript

If you would like your manuscript to be considered by White Peacock Books, please spend a couple of minutes reading our important guidelines.

We're always on the lookout for quality fiction and non-fiction.

Our primary aim and focus has always been looking out for stories and we are committed to that.


We do receive hundreds of manuscripts on a regular basis. We do justice to every manuscript and are constantly on the lookout for exceptional stories. 

Please read the following documents to be submitted along with your manuscript.

Please bear them in mind as not following the guidelines would allow us to reject your writing.

Email :

Concept Note


Table of Contents

First three chapters

Author Bio

Any support material which you think would strengthen your case as a writer.

Mention your

1. Name

2. Book Name (If you have one)

3. Email address

We would also like to know about the audience you are writing for, target crowd, your research on similar titles, unique selling edge and any illustrative content.

Another important suggestion that could strengthen your manuscript would be your ability to market them and use your connections among your circles. Please mention them in your concept note and if selected, we would take it from there.

White Peacock accepts submissions in English in the following genres:

  • Philosophy - Belonging, Identity, Migration

  • Children's Books

  • Biography

  • Religion Spirituality - Christianity, Islamism, Buddhism etc

  • Self - Help

  • Travel - Books relating to New Zealand will be passed on the Pasific Imprints.

Please allow at least one month for your manuscript to be considered for publication.
We request you not to send us hard copies unless specifically requested by our Editors.

We do not accept unsolicited material.

Manuscripts will not be returned by us, regardless of the outcome of the review.

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