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Roysel D'Souza

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Roysel D'Souza heads the U.S and Canadian trade centers. 

He heads the American branch and has extensive experience with digital media, communication and storytelling. 

Lute Takau

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Lute loves stories. She finds herself getting in touch with herself by learning about history. She is one of the senior editors and will ensure that your manuscript is ready to face the world. 

Nikita Noronha

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Nikita is the person who will be making your books available to everyone who will want them. 

She has a knack of getting in touch with readers, bookshop and booksellers and presenting your novel to them with grace and grit.

Lei Esera, Samoa

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Lei Loves books. Being a Samoan, he loves stories and the very art of storytelling. He heads the Samoan branch of WP Books. 

Susana, China 

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Susana is based in China and she heads the Chinese branch in China. 

Being an avid reader, she loves books. She loves reading and travelling. 

Melenaite Esera, Tonga - Samoa

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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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