About White Peacock Books


Founded in 2016, we still continue

with our aim to promote stories.

We love stories and so does everyone.

Life began with stories and ends with stories.

We choose authors whose stories have an impact on our audience.

Although we have a broad focus with our stories, our genre is mainly related to immigration, globalization, belongingness and contribution. 

We welcome stories, novels and novellas relating to the theme above.


“White Peacock books is the best place in New Zealand for a good read. I've always found a good read for me and my sons be it for Christmas, Easter or just any other ordinary days.”

Jo Edwards, Dunedin

“It's funny how I changed my preferences from pulp fiction to classic. Thanks to WP books and their choices, I now have a taste for good books.”

“The wide range of books which are here is an amazing place to be.

I will always be thankful to this place for giving me a taste for reading and writing.”

Conner Ronald, Physiologist, Auckland.

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